Jul 232015

The summer has flown by and I find that I have neglected my duties as the person who was to organize the President’s blocks. A little birdie told me that our president likes civil war reproduction prints. I know it is late notice, but as resourceful quilters, I know that we can each get one block done for our August 6th meeting. Show off your skills and produce a block that shows off your personality. Size should be 8.5” unfinished.

If you cannot attend that meeting, I would be more than happy to pick up your completed block. Just give me a call (number in directory or fill out Contact Us form). I apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone, but I appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you in advance for your hard work.  ~ Anne Biedowicz

Jul 222015

Set your DVR to tape WIFR on Thursday, July 23rd, 5:00-7:00 AM. Morning host, Aaron Wilson will be visiting the National Quilt Museum in Paducah!

Jul 162015

Patchwork by the Lake

8th Annual Quilter’s Retreat – Sponsored by Sinnissippi Quilters
November 5 – 8, 2015

Click HERE for the Retreat Registration form.

We will be doing a Mystery Quilt this Retreat. Fabric and cutting instructions will be sent out when the patterns are received.

Jun 302015

outoftheboxSinnissippi Quilters, are you ready for a fun and easy quilt challenge? At our quilt show in May 2015, the Cow Parade of Quilts was exhibited, to rave reviews! In order to display these quilts, it was required that the guild purchase a case of the books called “Out Of the Box With Easy Blocks” by Weidman/McFarland, which is filled with patterns and instructions for many fun and unusual blocks, including the basic cow pattern. We have planned a quilt challenge as an incentive to purchase a book for $25.00, make a quilt, and be eligible to WIN $25.00! (Several members bought the book at the show and are included in the challenge.) There will be NO judging! Names will be drawn from a basket at both afternoon and evening meetings, and there may be additional prizes added. Quilts are due at the March 2016 meetings, which is also the Neonatal Sew-In. If you choose to make and donate your challenge quilt to neonatal, there may be extra prizes drawn!

Click HERE for the rules. Books can be purchased at the guild meetings.

Jun 292015

Thursday, July 2nd

Mini-Morning Workshop: We will be getting ready for Christmas with a “Ho Ho…Santa’s Here” table runner. It is from the book “My Runners” by Disa Designs. The runner is approximately 22”x45” and is machine applique. Freezer paper templates will be available for you to use. Click HERE for supply list. 9:30-11:30 a.m., Bethesda Covenant Church.

Program: Mini Garage Sales and Ice Cream Social. We will also be selling fabric and sewing items from the Nicki Valdez estate and another group of quilted items from the Lori Larson collection. 1:00 and 7:00 p.m., Bethesda Covenant Church.

Reminder: Membership dues and form must be turned in by the August meeting in order for your name to be listed in the 2015-16 Directory. Click HERE for the form, or pick one up at the meeting.


Saturday, July 18th

Cherry Valley Library Workshop (SPAM): There are two projects going on this summer at the Cherry Valley Library/SPAM Saturdays … 1) Continuation of crazy quilt blocks for the Library’s piano and bench covers; and 2) Calendar of the Year wall hangings. Click HERE for the July project. 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Cherry Valley Library.

Jun 262015

At its June 25th meeting, the board of Sinnissippi Quilters, Inc. voted to apply to the Internal Revenue Service for 501(c)3 status as an exempt charitable organization. The one-time $400 fee is to be paid from the guild’s money market funds. In accordance with the guild’s bylaws, the expenditure must be approved by the membership since it is in excess of $100. The vote will occur at the July 2 meeting.

The board also voted to authorize Robin Gausebeck to make the application on its behalf.

The benefits to Sinnissippi Quilters for obtaining this status are several:

(1) donations to the guild of both money and goods would be tax-deductible to the donor. This would include, but not be limited to, silent auction items at the quilt show and donations of fabric for charity quilts.

(2) the guild would be able to apply for grant monies to help defray the costs of various charitable activities. Postage for soldiers’ stockings and materials purchased for neonatal quilts might be two examples.

(3) It would enable the guild to apply for a sales tax exemption from the state of Illinois for its purchases.

Jun 262015

Karen won an honorable mention at the NQA show in Little Rock this past week for her “Flurry of Feathers” applique quilt! Karen thought she got one of the best critiques, both good and bad, ever … kudos to the judges.

Jun 222015

Mini Garage Sales and Ice Cream Social

It was decided at the June meeting to have ‘mini’ garage sales instead of the ‘Round Robin’ instruction. So now is the time to go through your sewing room and find some things you would like to sell. The cost for a table will be $10 and if you want to you can share the table with a friend. At the June meeting there were 8 members who signed up for a tables but we can have more. Just contact me. You’ll find my phone number at the bottom of this page. Here are some guidelines for the meeting and “mini’ sales.

  1. Cost is $10 for a table and you can be setup for both the Afternoon and the Evening meetings.
  2. Setup can begin after 11:30 – when the morning workshop ends.
  3. You can come early to browse and visit.
  4. Sales begin after the business meeting and ‘Show and Tell’ which will begin at 1:00 and 7:00.
  5. ‘Show and Tell’ will follow the meeting.
  6. All profits will belong to the seller.
  7. If you didn’t sign up in June and want to participate – call Barb C. at 815-874-1607 or cell # 815-519-6796, to get your name on the list.

We will also be selling fabric and sewing items from the Nicki Valdez estate, and another group of quilted items from the Lori Larson collection.

Jun 192015

A quilters garage sale will be held on Saturday, June 20th, at the Table Top Gym in Mew Milford, 6935 11th St. We will be selling the Laurie Larson items that didn’t sell at the guild meeting. Lots of other quilt related items are for sale also.