Nov 252014

I received a call from Evelyn Wilkerson of WTVO Channel 4 News yesterday.  She has heard about our Littlest Angel project from Nick Toma (one of my clients) and has asked that we gather a group of quilters showing us working on “our babies” quilts, while we explain what they are for and as to how they are used.  She would like to set it up by next Tues.  So if there are any willing to show up at my condo community room I will see that we will have extension plugs, fabric and some batting.  Please help us out!  This is a great way to show that we care.  There is a group of ladies from Christ the Rock church that may be interested also; so if you could get in touch with me I will see to it that your projects will be displayed and give you chairs & anything you need to show you knitting.  Food will be provided, as well as, coffee if desired.

I also have recently returned from a Quilting Cruise at which I & Rita Brdicka passed out our cards and explained how to get it started in other communities.  Many were interested and promised to bring it up at their respective guilds.

Please call me at  home 815-639-1347 / cell 815-979-3022.

Nora Hamidi

Nov 242014

I would like to say good-bye to all the Sinnissippi Quilt Guild members since I am moving back to Germany on 16 December. I very much enjoyed being a member of the guild during most of my years here in Rockford and will miss our group, the activities, the get-togethers, the workshops, the wonderful shows, and the friendships I was able to experience. I learned a lot in all those years and will take all that knowledge back home, where I will keep on quilting and being creative, that’s for sure.

A big thank-you to all of you.

Enjoy the Christmas party and have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Conny Picard

Nov 192014

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Nov 172014

A huge thank you goes to everyone who had a part in our Stockings for Soldiers project this year.  All of your hard work and contributions were soooo welcome.

Thank you to everyone who met at the Masonic Lodge on North 2nd Street on Friday afternoon, the 14th, and stuffed 1,514 stockings.  Many hands made light work, and we were all packed up in under 3 hours. Many thanks to DeMolay boys and the Winnebago Boy Scouts Mighty Pack 5 who stuffed and packed 47 boxes of stockings.

The stockings were mailed by Larry at the Postal Shoppe at Edgebrook Shopping Center on Saturday morning. As customers came into the Postal Shoppe inquiring about all of the boxes that were being processed, many thank yous were given for remembering our deployed military personnel.

Tyler Rudick of the Rockford Register Star came while we were stuffing stockings, took pictures and interviewed several of us. His article “Packing Party Readies Gifts for Troops” appeared in the Saturday, November 15 edition of the paper. Click HERE to read the article.

Many businesses came along side of us to make large contributions of fillers. We are honored to receive these gifts so they may lift the soldiers’ morale. A special appreciation for everyone who collected fillers from businesses, girl scouts and schools. Artwork from children always brings cheer to the soldiers.

We could never have accomplished this wonderful project without all of the help we received throughout the year from all of you.  A special thanks goes to our Stocking for Soldiers Mini Group who diligently worked many hours behind the scenes.

In January we will resume having the stocking kits available to take home from our monthly guild meeting. Keep up the great work!


Nov 132014

Christmas Party
December 4th, 1:00 and 7:00 pm

If you have signed up to be a table hostess, you are responsible for decorating your table. You also need to bring plates, cups, silverware and napkins for 8 people. Feel free to bring the disposable stuff or you can bring the real stuff.

At the afternoon party, we will be having a full meal. We are going to divide up the food choices a little different this year. Change  is good. Please bring the following, if your last name begins with:
  • A thru G – Bring a side dish to pass (hot or cold veggies, salad of some kind or even a jello something)
  • H thru O – Bring a main dish to pass
  • P thru Z – Bring a dessert or sweet of some kind
 For the evening party, we will be having finger foods. Please bring the following:
  •  A thru K – Bring something savory
  •  L thru Z – Bring something sweet
We will be having Show and Tell at the meeting. We want to see the things you have been working on to give as gifts and all the other things too. Let’s bring lots to show.

We’re also looking for a game or two to play. Send suggestions to Barb Clucas, along with any questions you have regarding the party.


Nov 132014

Please join us to participate in: 1) English Paper Piecing with Hexagons workshop presented by Laura O’Connell, 2) Collaborative Banner Challenge, 3) Crazy quilt – Piano and Stool Covers Challenge, or 4) work on a project of your choice. Saturday, November 22nd, 10 am – 4 pm, Cherry Valley Library.

1. English Paper Piecing with Hexagons Workshop. Laura has created two projects (click HERE for supply list):

a) A large (13-3/4″ x 6-1/2″) Rosette Needle Book – with storage space for not only needles but fabric pieces and templates.

b) A set of four coasters.

2. “Around the World” Banner Challenge – select a quilt block and pick up your full-scale printout of applique pieces for your chosen block.

3. Crazy Quilt – Piano and Bench Covers – Challenge. We will make full scale pattern pieces for the piano cover, side panels, a center top panel and sections for the central face of the piano cover. Also a pattern for the piano bench cover. After making the pattern sections, we will have a better idea of the size and number of blocks we will need to complete the project. Crazy quilt patterns will be made available in December for those who are interested or create one of your choosing.

Contact Elizabeth Franck with any questions or for more information.

Nov 072014

Your help is needed stuffing the Stockings for Soldiers on Friday, November 14th at the Rockford Masonic Lodge No.102, 6780 North 2nd Street, Loves Park, IL.  Please stop by any time after 4:30 pm as it will take 3-4 hours to stuff the stockings. The DeMolays and Winnebago Boy Scouts will be assisting in filling and mailing the stockings. All the lifting, taping and carrying will be taken care of.  A big thank you to all the young volunteers.

Oct 312014

Saturday, November 1st

Extra day this month at Cherry Valley Library, 10 am-4 pm. Bring your own project, participate in the “Around the World” banners for the quilt show, or work on the piano cover pattern for the Library’s piano. Contact Elizabeth Franck for more details.

Thursday, November 6th

Mini-Morning Workshop:  Hand Work. Bring a hand project – applique, knitting, embroidery, a holiday project that needs to be completed or binding a quilt. 9:30-11:30 am, Bethesda Covenant Church.

Program: Eileen Daniels (website)

1:00 – “Vintage Textiles Have a Makeover”
7:00 – “Embellished Wearables”

Bethesda Covenant Church

Friday, November 7th

Workshop: “Vintage Hankie Wall Hanging (6 hours). See page 3 in the October/November newsletter for the supply list. Click HERE to open the newsletter. 9:30 am-4:00 pm, Swedish American Heart Hospital.

Friday, November 14th

Your help is needed stuffing Stockings for Soldiers at the Rockford Masonic Lodge No.102, 6780 North 2nd Street, Loves Park, IL.  Please stop by any time after 4:30 pm as it will take 3-4 hours to stuff the stockings. The DeMolays and Winnebago Boy Scouts will be assisting in filling and mailing the stockings. All the lifting, taping and carrying will be taken care of.  A big thank you to all the young volunteers.

Saturday, November 22nd

Cherry Valley Library Workshop: Hexagon Paper Piecing. 10 am-4 pm, Cherry Valley Library.