Mar 302015

Thursday, April 2nd:

Neo-Natal Sew-In: 9:30 am-8:00 pm. Bethesda Covenant Church.

Bring your sewing machine or your hand sewing kit. We will have fabric kits and patterns available for you to use. If you have: a neo-natal quilt that is not completed, bring that to work on; a top that is completed, but it needs quilting, bring it and someone will quilt it for you; don’t want to bring your sewing machine, we have lots of jobs … cutting, ironing, pinning, sewing labels and more.

  • Plan to bring a lunch and/or dinner. There are places nearby to get food, if you want to eat out. We will have snacks and drinks available for you to enjoy during the day and evening.
  • Bring your completed Mystery Quilt Bag, sign in and get a number. Your quilt will be put on display. Everyone is invited to vote on their favorite quilt. If you attend the evening session, contact Jan or Jane about getting your mystery quilt to the sew-in early in the day for the voting. The winner will be announced at the May meeting.
  • During the Sew-In we will have drawings for door prizes and Mystery Bag prizes.
  • We are also planning some jelly roll races at three times during the Sew-In: 10:30 am, 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm. We have some 2 ½” strips of various lengths. We encourage you to bring 2 ½” strips of any length to add to our basket of strips for all to use. The first racer to complete a top gets a prize.
  • We’ll also have a challenge table with some pre-cuts and partially sewn items for you to create a masterpiece.

Questions? Call Jan Person or Jane Erickson. We look forward to seeing you at the Sew-In.


QUILT SHOW ENTRIES ARE DUE THURSDAY, APRIL 2nd. Mail your form and picture to Gail Quast so it is received on the 2nd, or turn in your entries at the sew-in. Your quilt need not be finished on April 2nd, but it must be recognizable by color and pattern.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED FOR THE QUILT SHOW. Sign up at Thursday’s sew-in or contact Colleen Magee.


Saturday, April 18th:

Cherry Valley Library Workshops (SPAM): 10:00 am-4:00 pm, Cherry Valley Library.

The first four months in 2015, we will be devoted to the two Cherry Valley Library Collaborative Challenge projects:

  1. The Around the World Block Banners to be exhibited as a Collaborative Challenge Project at our May quilt show and subsequently donated to the Cherry Valley Library. Click HERE for a detailed 2-page handout providing lots of information about creating a Cityscape for our collaborative Around the World – Raw-edge Applique Blocks for our 3 Blocks Banners.
  2. The Crazy Quilt Piano and Bench Covers for the CVL.
  3. Every month, everyone is welcome to come and work on individual or other group projects, or just relax and hang out.



Apr 012015

If you’d like to display a quilt show sign in your yard, pick one up at Thursday’s sew-in. For those who already have a sign, stickers with this year’s dates will also be available.

Mar 232015

Quilters, we are in desperate need of volunteers to sign up for positions at the quilt show.  There are a total of 274 volunteer positions available over the 5 days from April 29th to May 3rd.  So far we have about 120 positions filled and about 150 positions left to be filled. We have about 200 members. If everyone signed up for 1-2 positions, we would have everything covered. We have several “sit-down” positions for those of you who aren’t able to stand for a long time. Most shifts are for 2 hours. Volunteering at the Quilt Show is fun and you get in to the show for free on the day you work. If you work Wed., Thurs., or Fri., you can get in free on the day of your choice. The income from the show makes up 50% of our budget, so it’s important that we all do our part to make this show a success, plus it’s lots of fun.  Please call or email me with your choice.

Thanks much,
Colleen Magee, 815-394-1521 (email address in the directory or fill out the Contact Us form).

NOTE: Colleen will have the sign-up sheets on the bus trip to Rosemont this Thursday. You can also sign up at the neonatal sew-in on April 2nd.

Mar 192015

On March 29th, from Noon to 6:00 pm, Table Top Gym, located at 6935 11th Street, Suite 15, Rockford is allowing the Littlest Angels to use their facility for sewing, pinning and quilting at no charge to our project since it is for the babies and youngsters. Please join us and let us make more quilts for Sue, our county coroner, who covers the little ones with our quilts. Just bring your sewing machine and supplies, and if you want to treats or drinks (non-alcoholic or we won’t be sewing straight lines). Remember they do not need to be batted, but if you prefer batting…go for it! I was given a large donation of fabric and will bring it for you to use if you want.

Today I gave a presentation out at Peterson Meadows for the Masonic Temple women’s group. Many promised to introduce our project to others in their group and again I have at least one lady who wants to donate fabric. If we cannot use it we can see if it can be used for the Neonatal quilts.

See you there. Nora Hamidi

More information from Nora: I went to Table Top Gym yesterday just to find out where it is. It is in New Milford, about a 1/2 mile past It’s for Quilting. There is a turn off on the right that goes toward the City Hall, but you stay on the road turning a slight left toward the plaza. Table Top Gym is between a bar & a liquor store (no need to bring drinks) on the right far end of the plaza but it is very safe as the parking lot lights stay on … I left after midnight and both the bar & liquor store close at 9PM … and the place has lots of room to bring your quilts to pin/baste or just to get out and be amongst women who have the same interest. But what goes on at the Table Top – stays there! In other words it was a blast and while some of you might think it too far away to drive, it is worth it, after all we do drive to that special fabric shop that we heard by the grapevine that has just that one piece of fabric you need! Please join us for some fun and let’s get some quilts done for our little ones.  Nora

Mar 192015

Last call for quilts for the quilt show! Gail Quast will be at the April 2nd evening meeting from 6–7 pm to collect entry forms. You may drop them off anytime during the day during the sew-in. Please remember to include your check payable to Sinnissippi Quilters if you are having any quilts judged – please, no cash. If you have all of your information ready, you may also mail everything, ensuring you get it in on time. Due to the late deadline, there will be no late entries accepted. Contact Gail if you have any questions.

Click HERE for instructions and to print the entry form.

Mar 122015

Illinois Quilters, Inc. has invited three accomplished quilters to conduct workshops in our area in the next few months, and we’d like to invite you and members of the Sinnissippi Quilter’s Guild to join us.

Annie Unrein, creator of Soft and Stable, an alternative to batting and interfacing which gives bags, clutches, and cases great body and stability, will be teaching easy techniques for installing zippers, working with vinyl, and binding raw edges for professional looking results.

Amy Walsh, of Blue Underground Studio, will conduct the workshop “Creating a Blue Underground Masterpiece” where each student brings the Blue Underground pattern or kit of their choice, and Amy works through each one. Special emphasis on working with silk.

Karen Combs, well known for her quilts of illusion, will conduct two workshops — one on how to create transparency in our quilts through fabric choices, while the second focuses on construction of a “Quilt of Illusion”.

Click HERE for a pdf describing each of the workshops in more detail.

If anyone is interested in a workshop, they can register on-line at

Thank you for your consideration!

Donna Derstadt
Illinois Quilters, Inc.

Mar 112015

Fellow members,
We did not get enough volunteers to work the ten 2-hour shifts at the Chicago Show. It is a requirement for getting the opportunity to sell quilt raffle tickets at the show. If we back out, we will not be given the chance to participate in future shows.

If you don’t wish to work the two hours, you can split with a friend and work one hour each. I mostly need Friday and Saturday commitments. You do get a FREE ticket into the show. So if you plan on going one of those days you will have your free admission. Please consider helping us out. I need to know by Tuesday (17th) or Wednesday (18th) of next week.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 815-222-5519.
Thanks for your consideration.
Dee Pitthan