Dec 092016

stockings2016We had a great turn out Tuesday and Wednesday. We were able to finish and pack 36 more boxes for a total of 810 this week. Our previous two shipments totaled 712, making our final shipment 1,522 stockings. Thank you ALL who helped make this a very successful project! We received this picture from some grateful soldiers!
~ Zeta Proskocil


Oct 302016

Thursday, November 3rd

Mini-Morning Workshop: Tiny Christmas tree. The tree is 12” finished. You can decorate it as much or as little as you like. Contact Jan Person for supply list. 9:30-11:30, Bethesda Covenant Church

Program: Dana Jones (website), “Quilts of Caohagen”.  1:00 and 7:00, Bethesda Covenant Church


Friday, November 4th

Workshop: Dana Jones – “Color Your World”. 10:00-1:00, Just Goods, 201 7th Street, Rockford. Click HERE for more information and supply list.

Stockings for Soldiers: We’ll be filling the stockings and boxing them for shipping. 9:00-5:00, Tebala Shrine, 7910 Newburg Road, Rockford. Contact Zeta Proskocil with questions.


Saturday, November 19th

Special Projects and More (SPAM): Three Christmas Projects – 1) Tiny Christmas Tree Wall Hanging, 2) Fan Blade Table Topper, 3) Fold’n Stitch Wreath. Make one or all! 10:00-4:00, Cherry Valley Library. Click HERE for supply lists.

Sep 292016

Barkley QuiltAs many of you know the year after our historic 2010 fight to Paducah, Kentucky, we presented the Barkley Airport with a quilt. It was so exciting to visit it again when we flew down this past April. Unfortunately, some of the fabric photos had faded and definitely needed to be replaced. Silvia Vaughn prepared the photos and along with Sandy Pyper traveled down to the airport to refurbish the quilt.

We are pleased to say that it looks as good as new and we can’t wait to visit it again in 2017!!!

Thank you Silvia and Sandy!

Aug 112016

Davis Junction is celebrating their 40th anniversary on August 21 at 11:00 to 4:00. They are seeking 1-2 people to talk about basic quilt making. If you are interested in doing this, please contact Donna Langford for more details. It is a great opportunity to promote the guild. Thank you!

Jul 182016

In preparation for the August 4th sew-in, we need help tracing and cutting stockings on July 27th, 9:00-3:00 at Cherry Valley Library. We could use some Christmas fabric, so check your stashes for any you can donate.

We will also meet at Cherry Valley Library on August 10th, 9:00-3:00, to finish up what doesn’t get done at the sew-in.

Thank you for your help. Any questions, contact Zeta Proskocil (contact info in directory) or fill out the Contact Us form.


Jun 222016

The guild has been the recipient of another large donation in honor of Lt. Col. Jenny Garver, an Army ob/gyn nurse. This donation consists of a variety of materials. The Guild’s Special Projects and the Rescue Mission have chosen what is most useful for them. What is left includes wonderful cotton fabrics. These fabrics will be at the July Guild meeting and available to you in exchange for cash donations to support the shipping fund for the soldier stockings. The family was touched by being able to support the neonatal and soldier stocking projects.

The donation also included sewing fabrics such as velvets, satins, knits and upholstery as well as 3 boxes of clothing patterns. If you are interested in the sewing items, please contact Donna Langford by email (info in Directory), phone (815) 979-3374, or complete the Contact Us form. The non-quilting materials will not be taken to guild unless interest is expressed.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to the family of Army Lt. Col. Jenny Garver for the donation of her fabrics to support Special Projects of the Sinnissippi Quilters Guild. The materials will support neonatal quilts, Christmas stockings for soldiers serving overseas as well as various projects at the Rescue Mission.


Jun 132016

Mini group dates have been set for Stockings for Soldiers on Wednesday, June 22 & 29, noon-5 p.m., Cherry Valley Library. We’re having it twice in June to get caught up and again on July 13th so we will be ready for the sew-in in August. We have lots of stockings ready to be serged or sewn packaged up if anyone wants to sew they can. Bringing scissors and rotary cutters to the meetings will be helpful.

Any questions contact Zeta Proskocil. Contact info in directory or fill out the Contact Us form.

Thank you in advance for helping make this Mission & legacy carry on for a good cause.

Mar 052016

Hello Quilters! Wow! We had a wonderful sew-in yesterday! Thank you to everyone who participated. Some gals came early to help set-up. It was so helpful to have many hands during that early time. We marveled at all of the “mystery bag” quilts that were displayed. It’s quite the challenge to be handed fabric and then create something appealing for a neonatal quilt. We had about 20 quilts submitted to that challenge. This morning I counted all of the completed quilts from yesterday. The total I have at home is 43. There are many gals who took quilts home to complete in addition to those. We even had a set of quilts for triplets and a set for twins. We had a quilt made of bowtie blocks that were handmade many years ago. I call our day extremely productive! Besides the hum of sewing machines, the room was filled with chatter and collaboration. New friends were made and plans to attend future quilting conferences are in the works. We all shared the fun of the “Out of the Box” challenge (well named!) quilts.

I want to end by sharing a story I was privileged to hear by an evening attender. A co-worker asked where she was going yesterday. She told her about our sew-in. The co-worker stopped what she was doing and shared that her niece was born 15 years ago weighing around 1#, (can you even fathom that??) and spent many months at RMH in the neonatal center. She shared how the quilt that her niece received was so meaningful to the family at that time, especially seeing it over the isolet each day they arrived, knowing their daughter was still with them. To this day, that girl still uses her quilt and the family is so grateful for the symbol of life it means to them. So, my fellow quilters, as you make and give the many baby quilts we collect, these move on to families and individuals for them to use during and after crisis situations in their lives. They give assurance and comfort in the present and are treasured memories in the future. Your time, effort and creativity are profoundly appreciated.

Blessings to all of you! Jane and Rose