2017 Quilt Show Winners


Congratulations to all who won ribbons in our 2017 Bits ‘n Pieces Quilt Show!

Best of Show
Best Domestic Machine Quilting, Best Applique
Robin Gausebeck
Art of the Ancient World

Judges Choice
Maribeth Schmit, NACQJ
Beth Faust
Colorful Log Cabin

Lynne Erbach, NACQJ
Barbara Kelly
View thru the Metro Scope

Best Use of Color
Margaret Deleon
Hosta Fiesta, Baby!

Best Longarm Machine Quilting – Hand Guided
Judy Mullen
Monday’s Cat

Best Longarm Quilting – Computerized
Barbara Kirchmeyer
Ode to the Piano

Best Hand Quilting
Diane Revolinksi
Kitty Memories

Best Piecing
Jan Ragaller
Border Challenge #5

Large Quilts – Pieced
1st: Barbara Kirchmeyer

2nd: Dee Pitthan
3rd: Norma Copes
HM: Diane Revolinski
HM: Barbara Molnar
HM: Margaret Deleon
HM: Jan Ragaller

Applique Quilts
1st: Robin Gausebeck

2nd: Judy Peters
3rd: Marguerite Carlson

Large Quilts – Mixed Technique
1st: Joann Wienrank
2nd: Sandy Pyper
3rd: Cecilia Mann
HM: Fran Waller
HM: Susan Halvorson

Medium Quilts – Pieced
1st: Barbara Molnar

2nd: Barbara Clucas
3rd: Stephanie Nordlin
HM: Sandy Pyper
HM: Billie Pooley

Medium Quilts – Mixed Technique
1st: Judy Mullen

2nd: Barbara Kelly
3rd: Barbara Clucas
HM: Eleanor Potts

Group Quilts
1st: Debra Chessare

HM: Colleen Magee

Small Quilts
1st: Barbara Clucas

2nd: Pam Collings
3rd: Cindy Larsen
HM: Diane Revolinski

Miniature Quilts
2nd: Joann Wienrank, #701

Modern Quilts
1st: Barb Kirchmeyer

2nd: Phyllis Campbell
3rd: Silvia Vaughn
HM: Colleen Magee
HM: Laura O’Connell

Theme Quilts – “Bits ‘n Pieces”
1st: Stephanie Nordlin

2nd: Phyllis Campbell
3rd: Silvia Vaughn
HM: Barbara Clucas
HM: Pam Collings
HM: Vicki Tallacksen
HM: Suzanne Swenson

Art Quilts – Pictorial
3rd: Claire Powers, #1003
HM: Karen Grover #1000

Art Quilts – Other
1st: Stephanie Nordlin

2nd: Amy Ottens
3rd: Silvia Vaughn
HM: Claire Powers