Cheap Trick Challenge Quilts


Guild members were challenged to create a quilt to honor Rockford’s own Cheap Trick who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. The quilt had to be their own design inspired by the band, a song, lyrics, instruments, etc.

This quilt was made a few years ago by guild member, Penny Ford. It probably looks familiar to many of you. It’s an exact duplicate of the Rockford vehicle sticker!

Legendary Cheap Trick, by Phyllis Campbell Inspiration: As soon as this quilt challenge was announced, design ideas began to take shape in my mind. Inspired by the many guitars, their records, and the iconic black and white checks, I created my quilt using striking colors to celebrate Rockford’s own legendary Cheap Trick.

How Many Can You Play?, by Karen Grover
Inspiration: I was taken by the multi-necked guitars, the iconic checkerboard, and the realization that they wrote music for Top Gun.

Rockford Rocks Cheap Trick, by Silvia Vaughn
Inspiration: In the late 70’s I was planning a wedding and in the early 80’s I was being a new mother so I wasn’t familiar with the band. After watching a video, I was mesmerized by the checkerboard pants and love their tongue-in-cheek attitude. And now this song is stuck in my head.

The Hits, by Mary Field
Inspiration: The inspiration for this quilt came from the black and white checkered fabric from my stash and my favorite Cheap Trick hits.

Fan Club, by Kristyn McCoy
Inspiration: My inspiration is the fact that Cheap Trick is my most favorite band EVER!! Simple as that!! Front fabric is printed with signatures from the Christmas cards I get from being a fan club member and the back fabric is printed with some of my ticket stubs from concerts.

Cheap Trick “At Budokan”, by Vicki Tallacksen
Inspiration: As I began this challenge, I knew I wanted to include imagery of the “guitar” and their most popular album “At Budokan”. I have to give credit to my daughter, Andrea and her fiancé Mike, for their artistic design ideas. This was way outside my “box”, but I really had fun doing this challenge.

Dream Police Catcher, by Brenda Peck
Inspiration: Dream catcher, their iconic song, and the police hat.

Rick’s Rock ‘n Roll Sweater, by Cindy Larsen
Inspiration: I was fascinated with Rick Nielsen’s concert clothes when I visited his “Rick’s Picks” exhibit at the Burpee Museum. The 45 record is from my husband’s record collection and the ticket stubs from concerts we’ve seen.

Spiral to the Top, by Colleen Magee
Inspiration: Cheap Trick climbed their way from Rockford, Illinois to the top of Rock and Roll.

Cheap Trick in Technocolor, by Elizabeth Franck
Inspiration: I was inspired by the many, colorful images of Cheap Trick in performance. From my original drawings, I made positive and negative freezer paper stencils and added color with Shiva Paintstiks to create an art quilt.

Ode to Cheap Trick, by Amy Ottens
Inspiration: Visually Cheap Trick is about black and white checkers, bright colors – especially yellow – and lots of energy.

Gonna Raise Hell, by Cecilia Mann
Inspiration: Rick Nielsen’s checkerboard bowties.