2017-2018 Programs & Workshops


Lectures are held on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at Bethesda Covenant Church, 2101 E. State Street, Rockford, IL. Click on each speaker’s website to learn more about her.

Workshops are held on the following Friday and/or Saturday in a conference room at Swedish American Heart Hospital (Charles Street entrance … follow the signs once you enter the building). Full day workshops are 9:30-4:00 at a cost of $35.00 and $45.00 for non-members. Half day workshops are 9:30 to 12:30 at a cost of $20.00 and $25.00 for non-members. We are now extending our reduced fees to members of other quilting guilds. There may be an additional kit/supply fee. Please click HERE for the workshop registration form.

Kit fees are payable directly to the instructors. You should only pay Sinnissippi Quilters for the workshop cost. Please do not pay Sinnissippi Quilters for your kits – it only makes things complicated for the guild and for our speakers.


AUGUST 3, 2017: Stockings for Soldiers Sew-in
– Bring your sewing machine and sewing supplies. There are other jobs to help with if you don’t want to sew … turning the stockings, tracing and cutting, writing cards, etc.

1:00 & 7:00 – Business meeting


SEPTEMBER 7, 2017: Cathy Grafton (website)
Cathy returns to tell the history of a unique embroidered record created in 1070 of the Battle of Hastings. Since her last visit to teach silk ribbon embroidery, she has been an Illinois Road Scholar presenting lectures through the Mid-west.

1:00 and 7:00: Threads of History – the Story of the Bayeux Tapestry
Like many who love needlework, I consider the Bayeux Tapestry to be one of the most amazing embroideries ever stitched. I have studied this work since I was a child and have visited Bayeux to see the tapestry 7 times. After learning the “Bayeux Stitch” I have worked on my own embroideries featuring scenes of this 11th Century embroidery. This new lecture will feature some of my work along with the history and secrets that this epic embroidery still keeps today. The lecture includes pictures, a pull out of the tapestry and my own stitched pieces based on the original. This wonderful piece of art still speaks to us today and has influenced my work on several levels.


OCTOBER 5, 2017: Gyleen Fitzgerald (website)
Gyleen Fitzgerald makes quilts that blend color, pattern and texture to provide a contemporary essence in traditional quilting. Her strength as a quilter is demonstrated by the infusion of engineering tools and innovative techniques to simplify visually complex quilts. She shares her enthusiasm for quilting through interactive lectures and workshops. As a writer, Gyleen centers on haiku poetry, quilt project books, magazine articles and children’s books.

1:00: Make Mine With Scraps
Focus on traditional utility quilts. Use up, cut up or recycle what you have on hand to make stunning quilts. Learn to harmonize exchange and friendship blocks or clear your clutter with strips and squares.

7:00: Unfinished Stories with New Beginnings
A visual transformation of 1930’s through 1950’s unfinished tops and blocks to finished quilts with unpredictable endings using fabrics of today. Be inspired to begin the perfect journey with your collection of blocks.

Friday, October 6: (Full Day): Stripper’s Mystery
So what do you get when you combine 20 strips of fabric with one absolutely fantastic focus fabric? You are the only one that knows and this is your mystery to solve. The layouts are fun, fast and endless. The quilts range from 25″ to 50″. You can chose Half-Square Triangles, 16-Patch, Chinese coins or Pyramids (to name a few) to solve the mystery. So get out your Sherlock Homes attitude and begin the Stripper’s Mystery.
Workshop fee: $10
Supply list (click here)

Saturday, October 7: (Full Day) Trash to Treasures Pineapple
Okay isn’t it time to clear the clutter in your life? Oops, too much? What about using up all those bits and pieces stuff in nooks, crannies and boxes? Better? Let’s make an old fashion favorite pineapple quilt with a new and contemporary twist. Effortless stitching without paper piecing! Go scrappy, random or totally stylized it doesn’t matter just plan to join the Pineapple Par-tay! This workshop turns trash to a treasured one of a kind pineapple quilt.
Workshop fee: $30 for book and tool
Supply list: (click here)


NOTE: Our originally scheduled November speaker, Shelly Johnson, has been rescheduled to July 5th. The new program is as follows:

NOVEMBER 2, 2017: Visions for SQG Quilt Show 2019
Bits ‘N Pieces, our 2017 Quilt Show, was successful and enjoyable. Planning for 2019 is now underway but it’s not too early to share thoughts and ideas generated by the Show Committee. More importantly, it’s not too late to ask guild members for their thoughts and visions of what the next show could be. In place of our usual presentation, members of the Show Committee will reveal the show’s name and theme and tell a bit how these were selected. Then we will break into smaller groups to talk about what show ideas our members would like to see in 2019.
1:00 and 7:00 


DECEMBER 7, 2017: Holiday Luncheon


JANUARY 4, 2018: Bill Kerr (website)
Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr are professional quiltmakers and co-founders of Modern Quilt Studio, a design studio in Oak Park, Illinois. Having written the first book on Modern Quilting, Bill and Weeks are pioneers of the Modern Quilt Movement. Weeks made her first modern quilt in 1987 to rethink the possibilities of the American quilt as being expressive of the time in which we live. Having sewn since he was 8, Bill began designing and making modern quilts in 1995.

1:00: Details Matter
Bindings, thread selection, batting loft, block size-such details can make or break a piece. Learn how designers in a wide variety of disciplines, from product design to landscape architecture to quilting, refine details to make compelling work.

7:00: Color in a Supporting Role
Using examples of our own work as well as images of art, sculpture, architecture, garden design, and product and package design, we will explain the role of color in design. We will show how great quilts, ranging from traditional to contemporary, use color to support a “Big Idea” or design intention.


FEBRUARY 1, 2018 – Barb Clem, Rockford’s award winning quilter
Barb’s stunningly beautiful, full sized hand appliqued and hand-quilted works have been winning ribbons at major shows for several years. We are honored to have her share her knowledge and quilting stories with us. Join us and come prepared to be awed.

1:00 and 7:00 pm: Barb’s Trunk Show


MARCH 1, 2018 – ALL DAY Neo-natal Sew-in


APRIL 5, 2018 – Donna Mather (website)
Donna is a certified instructor for Judy Niemeyer.

1:00 and 7:00: Judy Niemeyer Trunk Show

Friday, April 6: (Full Day) Broken Promise Placemats


MAY 3, 2018: Linda Halpin (website)

1:00: TBD
7:00: TBD

Friday, May 3: TBD


June 7, 2018: Margaret Willingham, Eye of the Beholder (website)

1:00 and 7:00: Trunk Show


JULY 5, 2018: Shelly Johnson, owner of Sunshine Stitches
Shelley Johnson will present a Trunk Show and introduce us to the area’s newest quilt shop.
1:00 pm and 7:00 pm